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Experience next-gen care on tap.
Stay in touch with your doctor easily.

Skip the front desk and make sure your health never misses a beat.

Have media-enabled medical visits with your providers on the fly.

Enjoy high-quality relationships with your care providers that fit with your life.

Join the future of healthcare on healht.

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About healht 

Mobile healthcare done right.

Elevate your medical care, build and enjoy improved rapport with your healthcare providers, and promote your health with media-enabled visits that don't get missed or delayed.

healht was envisioned, designed, and built by a physician-developer with a healthcare technology development team, after years in private practice, seeking closer, more efficient relationships with his patients. Phone-tag, voicemails, and front desk delays weren't cutting it.

Use healht to stay in close contact with your local doctor within their office hours. Exchange quick video and audio enabled messages without dealing with the hassles and inconvenience of connection hiccups, missed face-to-face video calls. Medical advice comes comes through crystal clear with healht. 

healht brings providers and patients closer together, enabling efficient back-and-forth communication that is satisfying to patients and sustainable for providers. Connecting to your healthcare provider via lost telephone messages, difficult video call appointments, being on hold, unreplied emails -- is now a thing of the past.

Join your local provider's practice or find a new local provider on healht and start an active healthcare relationship that is sustainable and superlative.

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healht Features

Smart features elevating the provider-patient relationship.

Skip the Front Desk. No More Waiting on Hold.

healht enables you to communicate directly with your provider with instantly exchangeable media and makes it just as easy for your provider to respond.

Efficient Video and Audio Enabled Visits

Messages between you and your provider can be video, audio, photo, or text and provide an immediate  medium to communicate about your healthcare.

Easily Start a Visit or Follow-up on a prior one 

It's as easy as tapping to start a visit to discuss your new health complaint or tapping to follow-up on a previous complaint. Record your message and send it along! 

Visible Provider Office Hours Set Expectations

You can see when your provider is open to provide care. Skip waiting in the office for face-to-face time. Use healht and know when you'll get a response.

Connect on healht with Local Care Providers

Medical health care practitioners with NPIs can sign up to provide care on healht. Your local doctor can also sign up! Tell them about the app today.

HIPAA-Compliant & Encrypted Storage

healht was professionally developed by healthcare-focused software engineers and utilizes state-of-the-art HIPAA-Compliant storage for all content.

Instantly Exchange, Store, and Replay your Visits

Exchanging messages on healht is immediate. You can also review what's already been sent and received. No more having to take notes and trying to remember the details. 

No more missed calls, appointments, messages

Back and forth messaging ensures no missed contact attempts. With healht you can be rest assured your messages will be available and able to be responded to.

Sync your health life with your provider's practice

Keeping in touch so easily with your care provider on healht gives your health the best opportunity to achieve greatness. Experience it.

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